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You purchase access to the database which entitles you to use and view all marketing case studies available. You pay for access to the database, not to any specific area(s) or case study(ies). The database expands ongoingly and you will not get additional expenses!

Authentication is in real-time. This means your IP number is traced and logged. If you are using a stolen or invalid credit card, the system will refuse you access, and your Internet Service Provider will be notified. Fraudulent users will be prosecuted by
iBILL. Ibill is our authorized sales agent.

On you credit card statement it will say: "Internet Billing Company, Ltd"

If you are using somone elses Credit Card, you must obtain their permission. They will be notified, and you will be held responsible for the charges incurred.

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You will only be billed once. This is not recurring billing!
Please be patient as the system enters into encrypted SSL mode.

If you really cannot afford this service, then mail

PJ Marketing Research
and explain your situation.
Don't get yourself involved in a serious crime like fraud.

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