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Welcome to The Most Modern Marketing Site on the internet

This is the page for FAQ.

How long should I wait before I get the password?

If you requested access to the database by making a link or by sending us a paper, you'll get an answer within one working day. Users signing up by credit card get their password INSTANTLY.

If I send a lot of mail, will I get the password faster?

No, no and no, you will just irritate our password department and probably never get the password.

Can I pay to get access to the database?

Yes, we are accepting credit cards through secure servers. If you wish to pay to get access to the database please click here to sign up

How do I convert my document to my e-mail?

Load your document into your word-processer, mark it all using your mouse, copy it (CTRL+C), click READY to send essay or report, paste it (CTRL+V), send it, and you are done.

Do you have a specific essay?

Since we have so many Marketing Case Studies, we don't know all of them by heart, so please don't mail us, asking if we have the Case Studies you are looking for. Thank you. What you can do is search through the database.

Can you please send me a specific case study?

Would you like coffee with that, and a Good Luck card too?
Search through the database. If you can't find it in that way, then it is not there. Come back another time, since the database is constantly being updated.

Do PJ Marketing Research feel immoral about what they are doing?

No. We suggest you read the purpose of the Site on the Main Page. Reading other peoples' work is an excellent way to learn report/case study techniques, and if you decide to use material from one of our reports/case studies in your writting, quote in your bibliography as a reference. The standard format is to include the address of our site (, along with the titles of the reports/case studies you've used. Universities provide student essays/thesis/reports in the library, for revision.
What we are doing is the exactly the same, although much more useful thanks to the internet. Of course, there will always be the plagiarist who will abuse such a service - but should this mean that it is not available to the vast majority of honest students? We don't think so either.

Which browser do you recommend?

We recommend you use the latest versions of Netscape Navigator / Communicator(TM) and Microsoft Internet Explorer(TM). However versions 2.02 and upwards will work fine for both browsers.

Anyone could submit an report/case study for inclusion in your database. How do you ensure the quality of your material?

All reports/case studies/thesis are reviewed by our review department. Is the report/case study/thesis of low quality it will not be included in our database and sender will not receive the password.

Can I advertise on

Yes you can. Please follow The Advertise Link for further information on how to advertise.


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