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    As of today PJ Marketing Research is proud to announce that we are now accepting credit card payments. We use Secure Servers for our Credit Card processing and you will obtain the password to the database instantly. Click here

    PJ Marketing Research invites you to join our COMPETITION where you have the possibility to WIN A FREE PASSWORD.
    Here is what to do:
    Design a banner that fulfills the following requirements:
    it's 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall
    it's in GIF format (no JPEGs please)
    it's non-transparent
    it's less than 10k in file size (10240 bytes)
    if it's animated, the animation stops at 7 seconds and does not include loops.
    it contains the following text: and Free.
    it should tell what the Site is about!
    The Winner will be notified by e-mail.
    Send your input. * the competition runs until a winner is found!

    PJ Marketing Research invites you to notify us if you have any knowlegde of exceptional schools of Marketing. Suggest an exceptional school.

    PJ Marketing Research takes great interest in how people find our Site. Please Write Us for comments or proposals.

    PJ Marketing Research Remember the more people you notify about this Site, the larger the database will become.

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