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Special Index of Case-Studies
- An example
    • Uploader: Pedro Lewin
    • Language: English
    • Email Address: raaso@hotmail.com
    • Title: The consumer market and the consumer buying behavior for Coca-Cola.
    • Grade: 99%
    • Country USA
    • School system: College
    • Company/Subject you inquired into: Coca-Cola
    • Teacher Comments: Beautiful
    • What is inquired into: I analyzed the consumer market and the consumer buying behavior for Coca-Cola. Further more I come up with ideas regarding target marketing.
    • Date: 1th of Jan 1999
    • Site found at: link from another site.

What Companies??
-here are just some of them!!
  • Asics - athletic ware
    Euro Disney
    Federal Express
    Food Lion - grocery chain
    General Motors
    New York Times
    United Parcel Service

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